Wedding and Escape Game

Unique moments deserve unique experiences. And a wedding should definitely be among them. Here at BrainFAQ, we have a puzzle for every situation. Whether you're looking for the most interesting wedding date or planning a truly unforgettable bachelor party.

And if you're looking for truly original and perfectly personalized entertainment for your wedding guests, we can prepare a custom wedding escape game for you. Puzzles about you, a great opportunity to let wedding guests get to know each other a little better across families and a lot of great experiences that will connect you forever.

Custom Escape Game for Your Wedding

A puzzle game that will make your day even more fun.
Preparing wedding entertainment that will not only be festive but also full of unforgettable moments can be a challenge. But if you know that your guests are smart and playful, you're halfway there. We will prepare a wedding escape game with tasks about you, through which you can share the most interesting things about your shared life with your guests.

Encrypted Wedding Gift

Two puzzles between the newlyweds and the cash.
An ideal wedding guest will bring a well-filled envelope. But if you find it boring to bring just a card with cash, encrypt it! The first days of marriage will be perfectly spiced up by two tasks that need to be solved on the way to your gift. We will help you choose the option that will ideally suit the newlyweds.

Bachelor Party in an Escape Game

Great team-building fun tailored for up to 21 players.
If you have a hunch that planning this bachelor party will be a real challenge, know that we are with you. Not everyone is satisfied with alcohol flowing freely; you will have to surprise someone with smarter entertainment. And that's exactly what we do best - an escape game, to which we add personalized tasks tailored to the groom/bride.