2-5 people75 min1 800 CZK
The psychiatric ward on Orlí street has always been a strange place, but lately it’s been growing unbearable. Some patients have disappeared without a trail and Alois Los, who managed to escape the asylum, agrees that they are carrying out illegal experiments on patients so the asylum needs to be shut down. Nobody believes him since he’s obviously crazy. Pretend you’re patients, trick the staff, infiltrate the ward and figure out what is happening behind the walls of Cuckoo's nest.
2-5 people60 min1 500 CZK
You and your team find yourself in a house where your grandfather Cyril lived before the war. Grandpa was witty and a passionate riddler – he’s hidden his will from his heirs. You know where to find the will, but so does your crazy aunt that is just getting on a train near Brno. Will your team manage to find the will and flee before your aunt makes it to the city?
2-6 people70 min1 800 CZK
Brno has been living in fear for the past few weeks. A serial killer murders innocent people and arranges them in strange configurations in churches. Nobody’s figured out yet how he picks his victims. One thing is for sure: next victim is soon to come. Criminologists need your help. While they search for him, your task is to find out who is next in line. Maybe you will be the one saving someone’s life.
2-4 people60 min1 500 CZK
Safe life, life without fear. That is Precrime – a social antivirus that discovers dangerous people and removes them from society before they commit a crime. Come look at our centre where you will find out how the system, thanks to which criminality in this day and age is in the past, works. As long as nothing goes wrong along the way…
2+ osob150 min799 CZK
Dnešní svět je prehlcený informacemi a najít ty pravdivé dá opravdu zabrat. Čemu tedy veřit a jak zjistit, co je skutečnost a co je mainstreamová propaganda? Na to je potřeba sledovat experty formátu našeho hrdiny, který najde symboly všude a umí je dokonale rozluštit.

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