Wedding Gift from BrainFAQ Brno

If you don't want to give your wedding gift to the newlyweds completely for free, you're in the right place. Because everything with us is a puzzle. And, of course, the wedding gift cannot be an exception.

Starting a marriage with team-building is a great idea, and a gift voucher for an escape game fits perfectly as a wedding gift. But if you want to be even more original, you can prepare a little escape game for the newlyweds when unpacking the gift from an encrypted envelope or an escape box.

Envelope Cage

Hide your wedding gift in an envelope with a safe lock.
The envelope cage can be obtained both with a gift voucher for one of our escape games and without it. So, you can hide, for example, your contribution to the family budget in a design 3D-printed envelope. The cage is ready for a standard DL envelope format.

Escape Box

The most beautiful and adventurous packaging for a gift voucher.
The gift voucher for an escape game wrapped in a locked wooden box. After solving the task that allows the newlyweds to get inside the box, they will face another challenge, and then the gift voucher for one of our games awaits them.

Gift Voucher for an Escape Game

Teambuilding at the beginning of marriage is simply a good idea.
Our gift vouchers are small works of art, so your wedding gift will definitely stand out. Elaborate illustrations are printed on high-grammage semi-gloss paper and wrapped in a beautiful gift envelope. And it has everything - pleasant matte paper, white screen printing on the flap, hand-glued contrasting insert. It's simply a paper treasure.