Custom Wedding Escape Game

Having smart relatives can sometimes be a challenge - especially when you want to entertain them at a wedding. A wedding escape game will do this job excellently. We will tailor the entire wedding game to you, allowing your wedding guests to learn interesting facts about your shared life. If you want to reveal them.

The wedding escape game can be prepared in the wedding entertainment area throughout the day, and guests can go through it anytime during the day.

During the first meeting, we will find out what is typical for you, and based on that, we will suggest tasks exactly suitable for your wedding. You can then prepare the wedding game on-site yourself according to our detailed instructions, or we can come and prepare everything for you.

How does it work?

  1. We will meet and together outline your requirements. Where will the game take place? How much time do you want it to take? Do you want to entertain children or adults? And we also want to know as much about you as possible so that the game is exactly who you are.

  2. Then we will work for a few weeks to design a complete wedding game just for you. Then we will present the game to you, and we can fine-tune the details you want to adjust.

  3. We will hand over the game to you (preferably to the best man or wedding agency) in packaging with a detailed description of how to prepare the game on-site. Or we can come to the location and prepare everything for you, so you have it completely hassle-free.

Why do you need to have a wedding escape game at your wedding?

  • The wedding game will serve excellently in parts of the wedding day when you want to entertain guests even without your presence.
  • You can create teams to mix the newly formed extended family properly.
  • We can hide your previous shared experiences in the tasks that you want to share with your guests.
  • Option for children starting from 4,000 CZK.
  • Option for adults starting from 7,000 CZK.

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