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Gift voucher

  1. Order a gift voucher
    in the form below
  2. Print it yourself (select e-voucher)
    or collect it in our office at Orlí 27 (select print voucher)
  3. Enjoy the game
    any date in next 6 months


The voucher is not limited to a specific date (or time) of usage. It is valid for one game in a selected room (see the comparsion here) for 6 months since purchase.

The Heritage gift voucher costs 1400 CZK, the Cuckoo's Nest costs 1600 CZK and The Labyrinth costs 1600 CZK. It is valid for whole team for the selected room respectively. If you select print voucher, you can pay by cash or credit/debit card in our office. In case you order an e-voucher, you can transfer money on our bank account.

Order a gift voucher

Order and pay my gift voucher