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Top rated escape room in Brno

Reveal the mystery of a lost heritage or escape from psychiatric hospital!

Did you love the escape the room computer games and did you dream of being in the room physically, to touch everything with your own hands? The time has now arrived and you can enjoy a real escape game, BrainFAQ, in Brno!

Come to enjoy an unconventional afternoon with your family, your badminton team or your high-school classmates - we can guarantee you that BrainFAQ will knock your socks off. Our rooms wil make you use not only your logical thinking, but a bit of creativity and commom sense as well.

You will be a part of strong stories in BrainFAQ escape games. If you expect just finding the codes and opening the locks, that's not what you get. Our fascinating mechanisms and technical solutions will really make you think.

So properly choose your team and book a game. Every point of view counts. We are looking forward to see you.